Remain Ingenious, Remain Grateful ---The Great celebration to the 20th Ann
Date:2018-02-03 11:02:50

Remain Ingenious, Remain Grateful!! Sunday, 29th Oct 2017, as the colorful flags fly and the euphonious music spreads, the celebration for the 20th Anniversary of Guangzhou ADS Audio Science and Tech CO., LTD was held in the head office of the company under the witness of more than 800 people of customers from abroad, suppliers, administrators, as well as all the other staff of ADS, who would share the glory and happiness of this historic moment!


For 20 years, wild waves have been leading the trend in the big ebb that sweeps away sand for 20 years. For 20 years, ADS staff have also been striving forward side by side by cleaving waves with absolute solidarity.

Looking backward, it has witnessed legend in the last 20 years, now ADS sets off again with new honour, glory and dream, sweating with passion. Now it struts in the forefront of speaker industry because of its 20 years’ of concentration and innovation.

The notable success of ADS is saturated with all staff’s sweat, loyalty and solidarity! The colorful picture of its accomplishment is also stamped with zigzags that start-ups came across, printed with his fearless and dedicated footsteps, and embroidered with diligence, foresight and wisdom.


At 18:00 , the celebration party began on time, large-screen scrolled to play the promotional film of ADS Audio, 20th anniversary event review, the talk show of the leader and staff from ads . It let us review 20 years of entrepreneurial process of ADS , arouse the past memories. We mix feelings and deeply feel the hardships and difficulties of twenty years

Chairman and general manager of ADS Audio, Mr Zhao Zhiwei delivered impassioned address , recall the company's 20-year history and achievements and makes highly summary for two decades . He said: “ For last twenty years development, ADS Audio has grown up into an adult from a baby. During 20 years ingenuity for generations , ADS Audio has took up on the forefront of the industry and has established fame in more than 50 countries.”


Grateful hear from general manager Mr.Zhao, overflowing with words. In his speech, he expressed sincere gratitude to all walks of life that care for and support the development of ADS, to the employees and their families who are selfless dedication, to the suppliers who give full support, and to the customers who promote the development of ADS.


Mr. Zhao reminded all staffs that difficult to start a business, but keep business more difficult. We must be vigilant in peace time, carry forward the spirit of artisans and adhere to the ADS purpose of "scientific and technological innovation, quality-oriented", to built the Centennial Foundation of ADS with diligence, wisdom and perspiration. Do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward. Lets work hard for the goal of a/d/s/ audio, world sharing.  


Win-win cooperation is the cornerstone of the success of business development and growth. They hand in hand with the ADS, 20 years of loyalty accompanied, become the most powerful backing of the ADS; the vicissitudes of life, they help the forward development of the ADS, writing a track and a song for ADS, write the most Psalm for ADS.


Twenty years, many ADS loyal dreams of youth and sweat, and today, when ADS affectionately look back 20 years of growth, all the gratitude and gratitude are from the heart. Today, we thank flowers and applause for those who persevere in the ADS, silently dedication, and outstanding achievements. In order to recognize and encourage outstanding employees who made outstanding contributions during the company's start-up, start-up and development, the "Outstanding Contribution Award" was solemnly presented at the celebration party, and thanked them for their hard work in the development of the company and their full support.


A mother always worries about her kid while he is thousand miles away from home. A letter to express feelings.

ADS Audio is our big family, mom and dad, do not worry!


Birthday cake ,a symbol of happiness and success, was pushed to the center of stage. The core leaders of ADS Audio cut it together, who hold the glass and drink with the guests all.


With the ending of the toast. The show was began in the wonderful interpretation ofJazz band. The Program was rich and colorful, such as Dance, martial art, chorus, recite, etc with other foams. It was carefully planned from Stage setting, dance design, lighting and sound to program selection, cast, host, etc. The show won the audience worm applause because of the creative, fashionable and the excellent. Especially this huge High-Definition screen and lighting of stage, it brought a very shocking effect from the perfect picture! Fantastic performances to the scene applause, cheers constantly. With a grand prize drawn, the atmosphere of the evening party was pulled to the climax again and again.


It is a grand ceremony of summing up the past and looking to the future. It is a grand ceremony full of youthful passion filled with vigor and vitality. Fully demonstrated the great changes of A/D/S/ AUDIO in past 20 years and A/D/S/ AUDIO  staff work together, forge ahead enterprising spirit. The party lasted three hours, culminating in an exciting, surging "Running, ADS" chorus.


Looking back two decades, all the way to concerted efforts and continued growth, ingenuity of the road, still need to be teased forward ......

Twenty years, for  the long stream of history, only a very short moment; for a child, or a distant future; for a young man, is prime of youth; for ADS AUDIO , it is worth cherishing and nostalgic Growth process, is good memory of all staff pulled together and forge ahead . Let us not change the initial mind, never forget how we started, do not chaos to the future, to be more ambitious attitude, confidently face the future, to create ADS AUDIO another glorious 20 years!

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