Spring water begins to flow, and spring woods furiously grow. Guanghzhou A
Date:2017-02-06 00:00:00

 Returned has the spring.

On beauty’s hair the spring ribbon is curling,
But with no reason, wind and rain did not leave with her coldness.

The new journey has just begun while the joyful spring festival atmosphere has not dissipated.
On the 1st working day of a wonderful Chinese calendar new year 2017, the staff gather together for chasing the traditional "red packets", at the head office of Guangzhou ADS Audio Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Pay New Year's call by lucky money, what a lively and jubilant festive picture!

Beautiful red envelope , sweet mood!
A first day red envelope, a new year's blessing!
Big red envelopes, big blessing!
Good luck is booming!

a/d/s express heartfelt thanks to all workers who returned on time, and extend our warmest greetings to people from all walks of life who always concern us and help us. In year of rooster we wish you and your family have an auspicious and bright beginning, wish you have full of high spirit, make great progress and great success!
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