One More Olympics: \"Small Ball\" Game Set off Giant Waves in ADS
Date:2016-09-12 16:25:42

 With osmanthus fragrance filling the city, it is sensed that autumn is getting stronger. When people are immersed in the joy of Chinese athletes taking gold and silver medals in the Olympic Games in Rio,relishing the prehistorical power of  Yuanhui Fu Fuyuan Hui,  the king domineering return to Chinese women's volleyball team and the romance of courtship from Kai Qin to Hezi, Guangzhou City Audi poetry 2016 annual tennis, badminton tournament  already held in full swing. 

Ping-pong and shuttlecock are small comparing with basketball and soccer, and they are Chinese traditional sports which they have edges, especially for Ping-pong. Chinese athletes dominated all 4 table tennis gold medals without a hitch. in Rio Olympic Games. Chinese strength in small ball games are connected closely with the involvement of all public. a/d/s industrial zone are equipped with kinds of entertainment and sports facilities. There are standard badminton court and ping-pong table in sport center except outdoor basketball ground. The staff actively take part in sports after work and it forms a solid person foundation in a/d/s. 



Athletes shows out in preliminaries before their final fight, and both male and female finalists were determined from 1st-9th Sep. The finale game was unprecedentedly intense, in which one can see all sportsmen and sportswomen fight to their best making all games a close ending on Sept. 10th,  and their very shot were no worse than Olympic athletes. Climaxes were followed with thunderous applause and yell when athletes fighting with sweat.  


After rounds of narrow fights, the final winner list is as below

After the game, a grand ceremony was held. Company leaders awarded the winners with trophies, honorary certificates & bonuses.

The wheels of Olympic Games are rolling forward and the future is full of challenges and chances. a/d/s/ is running forward all the way with undefeated struggling spirit connected with the Olympic Spirits :“higher, faster and stronger”. The Olympic Spirits have been inspiring Olympic players to courageously struggle to win honour for the country. a/d/s spirits also constantly inspire all employees to work hard on their ordinary posts for brilliant future of a/d/s/.. 


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