The New Year Opening Ceremony of ADS Science & Technology Co., Ltd in 2016
Date:2016-02-18 08:00:02

  “Firecrackers cracks away the year in New Year's eve, and the spring breeze gifts into the toso”. As new year dawns its light to the blessings and happiness among people, ADS starts a new trudge in to 2016.


Feb 15th of 2016 (Jan 8th of lunar Calendar), witnesses the new year opening ceremony of ADS in 2016!


Music played by drums and dins fills the air, and firecrackers is sound here and there. At 9:00 am., all staff gather in the front of office building of ADS headquarter to celebrate the opening. Mr Zhou, the vice general manager, on behalf of the company, makes a new year speech, and gives his best new year regards to all his fellow colleagues. Lucky money was handed with the new year wishes of healthy life, smooth work, family happiness and all the best. 


Mr Zhou expresses his sincere gratitude to the hard work of all ADS staff, and hopes that all staff get down to efficient work more enthusiastically and actively in the new year, so as to work out all better beginnings.


Being grateful to all support from both customers and suppliers and believing in “quality-oriented product, people-centered service”, ADS will pay you back with better products and service. There are full ranges of products with the best quality and talented teams.


Let’s run in 2016!





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