RUNNING MAN! ---- The new year banquet at ADS Guangzhou Head Office
Date:2016-01-25 22:03:34


On the evening of January 25th 2016, the company's management and staff gathered and held a grand banquet at the elaborately decorated Banquet Hall of ADS Guangzhou Head office to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 


Banquet's theme is "run it, brother!", A huge background of the stage, trying to run ahead of the crowd, all the way through the clutter to the back left to distant ......, is it not a poet Audi courage, innovation, fear arduous pioneering spirit do?

Guangzhou turn of the year, just under the epic proportions of the first snow, freezing rain started falling sky, bleak. The company banquet hall is crowded, bustling, red hot, hearty meals, disperse cold, warm heart.


Mr. Zhao Zhiwei,the company president and genernal manager, gave a enthusiastic year-end summary and new year speech. He fully praised the contribution and summarized the achievement in past year, analyzed current economic situation, made clear for company developing direction and key work of each department in new year and encouraged everyone to unite as one & make progress together to get more achievements in new year. 


General manager Mr. Zhao Zhiwei mentioned that current world economics is during the recession, full of challenges and opportunities, we should adjust strategy to respond actively so that we can turn adversity into opportunity. In the new year, our company will bring new ideas to R&D,production, selling,quality and logistics, strengthen management, fully improve overall performance. Especially on R&D, our company has invested heavily to set up a professiional anechoic room, add a lot of industry-leading R&D facilities and renew basic facilities of R&D center.Regards the production and quality, President Zhao stressed the need to strengthen the internal management and introduction of automated production equipment, reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. At the same time, he emphasize the guiding ideology of "Quality is always more important than quantity". We do not only pursue to maximize the quantity, but also to optimize the product structure, develop higher technology and more competitive products. We should carry forward the spirit of craftsmen,  build each piece of product perfect. We should alwasy remember the ADS concept as "Quality is first, Scientific Inovation is final target"  We should make providing customers with the most excellent products and best experience  as our constant target.


An exciting lucky draw and staff interactive game was played during the dinner, a total grand prize of first, second and third was provided and also a reward for the staff game. Staff takes part in the game actively and tried their best to be the first, shows thoroughly the a/d/s/ spirit of willing for challenge and motivated all the time. 


The new year brings new hopes, and new course loads new dreams. Full of challenges and hopes of 2016, a/d/s/ will be led by chairman Mr. Zhao Zhiwei with surging passion, majestic force to write a new chapter in the comprehensive development of the company.










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